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We’re Matt and Cherrod, an easy going couple with friendly dispositions that have a tendency to lean on the sarcasm spectrum and love good banter. You can find our home base in Australia where we are always on the go, exploring new places and adventures.

Our story starts in Austin, TX where we met while we were both on holiday exploring the Lone Star State. Lots of FaceTime calls, multiple plane tickets, and one visa application process later, we’re now together exploring our own adventure of this crazy thing called life in the land down under.

We wanted to be open with our opinions on the places that we discover, and be genuine and authentic when it comes to sharing our experiences so that we can help you be inspired to plan your next trip!


Hi yall! I’m Cherrod — a half Korean, Irish, and Welsh gal from the US, born and raised. You could say my wanderlust started for me at a young age. Having parents that kept me on my toes with multiple moves to various states and cities, I’ve always felt the itch to move to a new city after a few years. So far I’ve lived in seven different US states, three countries, and more cities then I can count on all my fingers. (I blame my nomadic tendencies on my parents! lol)

I’m a photographer by trade, and I really love that I get to work with people to help capture vulnerable emotions and share them with the world, but I also love strapping on my backpack full of gear, jumping into the car and driving until I find a breathtaking view that I can capture.

FAVORITE DESTINATIONS: Scotland, New Zealand, Hawaii

BUCKET LIST DESTINATIONS: Croatia, Morroco, Iceland


G’day, I’m Matt — Aussie born and bred. Electrician by trade, I love rolling up my sleeves and diving right into the action! I fuel my days by drinking way more coffee then an average person should. For years I’ve had a desire to travel and experience different cultures yet life got in the way and it wasn’t until I met Cherrod — A proactive and carefree gal who really ignited my creative and wanderlust flame that I started prioritizing adventure. From day trips to month long adventures, we both love the process of planning, exploring and documenting our experiences.


BUCKET LIST DESTINATIONS: New Zealand, Swiss Alps, Scottish Highlands



That’s awesome to hear.

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