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November 17, 2020
Brisbane Polish Dessert Pinterest Graphic

Have you ever tried a Polish donut? Or any kind of Polish dessert?

If not, you are seriously missing out.

Polish Sweets has filled a void in the Brisbane market when it comes to offering an authentic Polish dessert stand.

Patrycja, the owner of Polish Sweets, started her business with a passion for baking and a yearning for traditional Polish sweets as she had noticed that they couldn’t easily be found in Brisbane.

We promise you that once you’ve tried some of their donuts that you will probably be sitting on the side of the road with a dazed gaze wondering how you could have gone your whole entire life without even knowing that such blissful donuts existed.

I mean….what’s not to love about a freshly made donut?!?

Don’t know where to start with so many delicious options to choose from?

We would recommend going with the traditional — such a classic and delicious choice.

Brisbane Polish Donut
Traditional Polish donut, also known as pączki.

The traditional donut is filled with a strawberry and plum jam, then dipped in icing, and has an orange zest on top.

What’s so special about this donut? THE JAM IS HOMEMADE (by Patrycja herself).

Not only does she make the jam herself, but she also makes a number of other things by herself, such as the cheese for her cheesecake.

Now if that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is.

Brisbane Polish donut stand
Brisbane Polish donuts at the Kelvin Grove Village Markets

Ok now getting to the important FAQ’s:

Where can you find this Polish dessert stand in Brisbane?

You can find them at the following weekend markets:


-Saturday Fresh Market (6am-12pm) 250 Sherwood Rd, Rocklea aisle 2

-Kelvin grove urban Village Market (6am-1pm) next to Blamey Street 


-Sunday Discovery Market, Rocklea (the same address as on Saturday)

– CBD Botanical Garden(8am-3pm) Riverside Market next to Alice Street

Brisbane Polish Dessert Stand
The Polish Sweets tent at Kelvin Grove Village Markets

What else do they have to offer?

  • Custom Cakes and Cupcakes
  • Chesecake (sernik)
  • Apple pie (szarlotka)
  • Poppy seed cake (makowiec)
  • Eclairs

And our favourite question….

Do they have vegan and gluten free options?


*Insert happy dance here for all you GF peeps out there*

We were especially excited to find this out as Matt has celiac disease, and finding safe desserts for him to eat can sometimes be a challenge. When we found out the number of GF options that she offered for dessert (that actually tasted AMAZING) we were so excited.

Want to learn more about the ways of the Polish dessert here in Brisbane? You can find them on the ‘gram, Facebook, and their website.

We promise we won’t judge you if you get a box full of donuts for yourself.


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